Contact the Conference Services team

A Summer Conference Coordinator will be assigned to your group and will personally oversee your program. They will email all instructions to your conference planner and iron out all details prior to your groups’ arrival. Should any issues arise during your stay, please contact your Summer Conference Coordinator directly.

  • For groups 50 or less – the lobby of the assigned community.
  • For groups 50 or more – outside of the assigned community (if weather permits).

Exceptions to the check-in/check-out times will be handled on case-by-case basis. Please Note: guest checking out late may be assessed an additional night stay for late check outs.

All units on-campus have heating, but no air conditioning. Summers in San Francisco are typically cooler than in most cities, generally falling between 60°F and 75°F.

Yes, however, there are a limited number of accessible units. Please make sure your Summer Conference Coordinator is aware of any special needs your group may have. We will work to ensure that all accessibility issues are addressed. Please allow us adequate time to make the proper arrangements.

Summer programs that stay on campus longer than 7 days will receive a linen exchange, along with new travel amenities.

Laundry facilities are located in:

  • Mary Ward Hall 4th floor
  • Mary Park Hall 1st and 4th floor
  • Towers at Centennial Square Lobby
  • Village at Centennial Square Building B (3rd floor)
  • Village at Centennial Square Building C (2nd floor).

Wash | $1.75/load
Dry | $1.50/load

Acceptable payment types: Visa or MasterCard (chip or swipe) and Mobile Payments (Apple, Samsung, Google, etc.).

US Bank ATMs are located outside of Village at Centennial Square Building C. There are additional ATMs at the Cesar Chavez Student Center (Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo).

There are typically 6 different stations to choose from:

  • Blue Onion | Vegan and Vegetarian dishes
  • Daily Dish | Entrees featuring local and season ingredients
  • Ignite Grill | Traditional burgers, hot dogs, fries with a twist, Also serves vegetarian items
  • Teppan Eats | Asian cuisine from Mongolian noodles, stir-fry, and much more.
  • Harvest | Salad fixings with house-made dressings
  • Dessert | Made-in-house cookies, pies, and cakes

Please contact your Summer Conference Coordinator to discuss your programs schedule. If you wish to receive boxed meals for your group, the Conference Services team must receive the boxed meals order form no less than 7 business days prior to scheduled function on or before 10:00am (PT), otherwise orders will not be guaranteed.  Menu modifications will not be accepted, other than those with food allergies.

Yes, dining center hours can be extend with advanced notice and approval from the Sodexo dining team. Requests must be submitted to the Conference Services team via email no less than fourteen (14) business days prior to scheduled function on or before 10:00am (PT), otherwise the extension will not be guaranteed.  Additional fees will apply for this service.

In the event of an emergency, please call 911 directly. For a non-emergency, please contact our campus police department at (415) 338-2222.

Advise the conference planner of the group and have them relay the message to the Summer Conference Coordinator in charge of the specific group. Our Summer Conference Coordinator will submit a service request on the behalf of the group.