Alcohol Policy

Bottles of wine at an event

All sponsored and non-sponsored events that will be serving alcohol must adhere to the Alcohol Policy, the Business and Professional Code, Sections 25658 through 25665, and University Regulations. 

PLEASE NOTE: If a vendor will be serving alcohol, proof of vendor’s liquor liability insurance must be provided with the Alcohol Clearance Request form (below). If the event host will be serving, special event insurance may be required by Enterprise Risk Management.


Requirements when serving beer and/or wine:

  • Attendance shall be limited to members of our group and invited guests and not open to the general public.
  • The host and/or sponsor shall be responsible for compliance of all applicable laws, regulations and University policies regarding the serving and consumption of beer and wine.
  • Adequate controls shall be maintained to ensure that all persons served alcohol are at least twenty-one (21) years of age.
  • No person obviously intoxicated shall be furnished, served or given an alcoholic beverage.
  • The serving of alcohol shall not exceed three (3) hours.
  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages will also be available.
  • Consumption and service of alcohol will be in the facility designated for the event.
  • Where danger or potential danger to persons or property is imminent, the event may be cancelled by an appropriate university official and the University Police Department, at their sole discretion
  • If there is a direct or indirect sale of alcohol such as selling tickets for entrance, selling drink tickets or chits which may be exchanged for drinks; or other methods of charging which are determined by the number of drinks served to an individual or any type of consideration exchange between the host organization and attendees, a temporary alcohol beverage license application must be signed by the Chief of University Police. The application must then be taken to the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control for a temporary alcohol beverage license. ABC application information can be found at: