If you are paying with personal funds, you will be invoiced for services. Conference & Event Services accepts personal checks and credit card or e-check via our online store. A convenience fee will be added to credit card transaction that is collected by the service provider through CashNet.


If the college or department is paying for the reservation, you will need to provide the University chart field details when the reservation request form is submitted to the Conference Services team. University transfer forms will be used between the hosting college/department and Conference & Event Services to collect payment.

If you happen to get locked out, please visit our 24-hour community desk located at 295 Buckingham Way. One of our student assistants will gladly let you back into your unit.

Parking permits will allow you to park in stalls behind the property. Street parking is also available. Locations of available parking stalls will be included in your Welcome Packet.

Before trying to connect to Wi-Fi, make sure you have done the following:

  • Unplugged any wired connections that you use to connect to the internet, such as your Ethernet cable.
  • Turned on Wi-Fi on your device. Refer to your device's user guide for more information on enabling Wi-Fi on your device.

    Complete the following steps to connect:

    • View available networks on your device.

      • On a Windows computer, click on the wireless icon in the system tray and choose View Available Networks.
      • On a Mac, choose the wireless icon in the menu bar.
      • On an iPhone/iPad or Android device go to Settings and then Wi-Fi Settings.
    • Choose the Wi-Fi network for your building and log in.
      • For guests residing in 225 and 235 Buckingham Way:

        • Choose the Apogee network in your Wi-Fi settings. Once connected, you should be redirected to If you are not redirected, then go to in any web browser (Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc.)
        • Log in to connect*. Enter your username and password (provided in your guest suite confirmation email) and click ‘Connect’. Your Apogee username and password are valid for up to six devices.
      • For guests residing in 265 and 325 Buckingham Way:
        • Choose the ResNet network. Once prompted, enter the password “resnetwifi1”
        • Log in to connect*. Open any Internet browser (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, etc.) and enter the voucher code provided in your guest suite confirmation e-mail. Click ‘Connect’. Your ResNet voucher is valid for multiple devices and for a limited period of time tied to the duration of your stay. If your voucher expires, please contact Conference & Event Services.    
    • Restart your device. You will be connected as soon as your device reboots!